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dr.corr Change Log

Sept. 1st, 2021: Graciela Domínguez Bersoza joins our team

We warmly welcome Graciela Domínguez Bersoza as a new member in our team. After working in the corrugated industry in Mexico for almost 4 years, Grace decided to leave her home country and moved to Germany to join the dr.corr team. 

She now works as a project manager, installs dr.corr at our clients and provides client support.


dr.corr Change Log

March 2021: Start-up of dr.corr at Glomma Papp

Another milestone for dr.corr: Glomma Papp AS in Sarpsborg, Norway, a family business that has been a leader in the industry already for five generations, is our latest install, plant number five in 2021!

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March 2021: Start-up number 4 this year

dr.corr was chosen by Steirerpack in Möderbrugg, Austria, for optimized production scheduling and control.

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dr.corr Change Log

March 2021: We did it!

dr.corr connected to three corrugators on the same week, in three different countries, and all were live and on-line on Monday!


Papier Karl GmbH in Germany started production on their all new Fosber corrugator, at Steirerpack in Austria we linked to their tried and proven Agnati machine, while at Glomma Papp AS in Norway, the connection was established to their Escada dry end controller.


Congratulations to Daniel Weigand, Dessislava Vintcheva, Steffen Beeth and Giulio Fantini who excelled at their jobs once more! 


February 2021: Start-up of dr.corr at Sabox

We are proud that with the start-up at Sabox s.r.l., the roll-out of dr.corr in Gruppo Sada is now complete: All corrugated and folding carton plants of the mother company Antonio Sada e Figli s.p.a. are now scheduling their production with dr.corr!

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dr.corr Change Log

February 2021: Start-up of dr.corr at SAECO

Another start-up of dr.corr, this time at SAECO in Molina de Segura (Murcia), Spain, achieved in record time by our project engineer Giulio Fantini, with great help from Roberto Chicote from ChicoTec.

SAECO looks promising to become a great reference for dr.corr.


👍 A corrugator scheduled by dr.corr is a happy corrugator!


January 2021: Start-up of dr.corr at CCH

dr.corr was chosen by Combinatul de Celuloza si Hartie in Romania. Thanks to our project manager Dessislava Vintcheva, this was the first successful start-up of dr.corr in 2021 and plant number 50 for dr.corr.

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dr.corr Change Log

December 2020: The End of a Successful Year

The pandemic made this year a grave challenge and changed the world as we knew it. We thank our team and our customers alike for making dr.corr with 11 new installations in 5 different countries a continued success in this difficult year. We are excited that 2021 promises to bring us even more work, and hopefully an end to COVID-19.


March 1st, 2020: Colleen Eckart joins our team

We warmly welcome Colleen Eckart as a new member in our growing team. She has more than 15 years of experience in software development and has also gained experience in the corrugated industry. We are very happy that Colleen supports us in the maintenance and further development of dr.corr. 


dr.corr Warehouse

February 2020: New in dr.corr: Warehouse

Dr.corr’s new warehouse module allows you to keep track of your intermediate and finished goods storage, using tablets with barcode scanners attached.

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dr.corr Business Intelligence (BI)

July 2019: New in dr.corr: dr.corr Business Intelligence (BI)

Instead of static reports dr.corr offers much more:

dr.corr Business Intelligence provides numerous interesting analyses, which not only run on dr.corr workstations, but also on laptops, tablets or smartphones, anywhere!

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dr.corr Dashboard Monitors
dr.corr Dashboard Monitors

May 2019: New in dr.corr: Dashboard monitors

Always up to date: Like the departures at the airport, a dashboard monitor displays live information of all kinds on a large screen (HD television)

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dr.corr WIP Analysis

April 2019: New in dr.corr: WIP Analysis

Every planner knows the situation that the intermediate storage area is overloaded, perhaps even the corrugator has to be stopped because nothing works anymore. The new Work-In-Progress (WIP) Analysis in dr.corr detects these situations before they occur and helps to prevent them.

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December 2018: Celebrating a successful Year

We are celebrating a very good and successful second year of DR Software Solutions: In 2018, 15 new plants have been installed leading to a total of 19 dr.corr installations. 

We would like to thank our customers for their trust and we are very much looking forward to new projects and customers in 2019.


October 1st, 2018: Steffen Beeth joins our team

We warmly welcome Steffen Beeth as a new member in our growing team. He has many years of experience in the corrugated industry. We are very happy that Steffen supports us in the maintenance and further development of dr.corr. 


dr.corr Waste Analysis

August 2018: New in dr.corr: Waste Analysis 

With the newly available wet end waste, dr.corr now provides an (almost) complete waste analysis order per order, machine by machine, day by day...

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dr.corr Roll-Tracing

July 2018: New in dr.corr: Roll-Tracing 

dr.corr can now tell you which rolls were used in each order...

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July 2018: Ghelfi Ondulati - Online connection to a digital HP printing machine with dr.corr  

Ghelfi Ondulati SPA in the north of Italy could be considered a typical corrugated box plant, with a modern BHS corrugator and some modern conversion machines, but then they're not...

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Office of the DR Software Solutions GmbH at Günthersbühler Str. 2 in Nürnberg

June 26th, 2018: We move into our new office in Nuremberg

The DR Software Solutions team is growing and it was about time to move to a new office...

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June 2018: Sada Verona - First folding carton plant with dr.corr

Folding Carton is quite similar to Corrugated, but the industry has its own special challenges...

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dr.corr Shipping and Truck Scheduling

March 2018: New in dr.corr:
Shipping and Truck Scheduling

A customer's request for a printed list of all orders that are ready to ship turned into a new, interactive module in dr.corr...

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January 1st, 2018: Dessislava Vintcheva joins our team

We warmly welcome Dessislava Vintcheva as a new member in our team. She works as a project manager, installs dr.corr at our clients and teaches the users to use the shop floor terminals or which tricks to use in planning. 



August 2017: Solpack, Mexico - 
First Installation of dr.corr 

The first plant to use dr.corr is a converter plant in Monterrey, Mexico, where planning had before been manual, and production analysis had only been rudimentary...

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