March 2018

New at dr.corr: Shipping and Truck Scheduling

dr.corr Shipping and Truck Scheduling

A customer's request for a printed list of all orders that are ready to ship turned into a new, interactive module in dr.corr: 


The Shipping module lists all orders that are ready to ship, plus all that are scheduled and will be ready shortly, separate by customer. Each order (and each customer) shows its approximate percentage of a truckload, calculated by the system using a formula that can follow the plant's specific rules.


Each customer appears on a map with a tag showing that percentage, making it easy to group shipments by region to fill a truck.


The shipping department thus creates with the dr.corr shipping module loading lists complete with route information, arrival and unloading times at each customer, and the time the truck is expected back.


With one click, the customers receive an email with details on orders, quantities and arrival times.


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