Our Team

Daniel Weigand

Daniel is the owner and managing director of DR Software Solutions GmbH. He has a Master's degree in Computer Science, and has been working on solutions for the corrugated industry since 1991.


Daniel is the main developer of our system dr.corr. 

Contact Daniel directly:


+49 177 527 7545

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Rainer Neugebauer

Rainer is co-owner and also managing director of DR Software Solutions GmbH. He had just started studying Computer Science when he laid the foundation for spending a lifetime working on production scheduling systems for the corrugated industry. He soon had customers all over the world, on all continents. A few years later, he did his Master's degree as a side job ...

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+49 171 766 8660

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Steffen Beeth

Steffen has been working in the development of software solutions for the corrugated industry for more than 30 years. He takes care of maintenance and further development of dr.corr. In addition, he is a welcome guest at our clients' factories. Even on site, he fulfills the clients' wishes to their fullest satisfaction.

Contact Steffen directly:


+49 173 571 4953

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Colleen Eckart

Colleen offers more than 20 years of experience in programming. In addition to that, she brings along experience from the corrugated industry. Together with Steffen, she now takes care of the maintenance and further development of dr.corr. 

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Dessislava Vintcheva

Dessi is our customers' darling. She installs dr.corr and teaches the users to use the shop floor terminals or which tricks to use in planning, all in a very practical way, using her deep background knowledge, as well as her great sense of humor.

If there is a problem, Dessi assists via email or phone at (almost) any time and finds a fast and satisfactory solution. She looks back onto more than two decades of practical experience, and it shows in everything she does.  

Contact Dessi directly:

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Graciela Domínguez Bersoza

Grace has been working in the corrugated industry in Mexico for almost 4 years. In the field of lean manufacturing she was responsible for improving the efficiency in production using dr.corr from a client’s perspective.

With the desire to work in Europe, she left her home country and moved to Germany to join the dr.corr team.

She works as a project manager, installs dr.corr at our clients and provides client support. 

Contact Grace directly:


+49 151 2899 7882

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Dr. Ulrich Weigand

The "éminence grise" in our team, Uli accumulated many years of experience on the topic of production scheduling in corrugated plants, in parallel to his university studies, military service, and his doctorate. His intelligence shows in the sophisticated optimization algorithms, due to which our customers get excellent results in corrugator side trim and productivity.

Contact Uli directly:

+49 911 9755 9988

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Giulio Fantini

Giulio has been responsible for installation, training and support of production planning systems in corrugated plants for many years, and has taken over that role exclusively for dr.corr in certain territories as an external (F4Consulting) but integral part of our team.


Giulio has the gift of presenting our system to customers in an easy and transparent way, so that working with dr.corr quickly becomes the most natural thing in the world.


Got a problem? - Talk to Giulio, consider it solved!

Contact Giulio directly:

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Roberto Chicote

Roberto has been a specialist in software for packaging plants for more than 30 years.

In recent years as General Manager of the company CHICOTEC, based on his extensive professional career, he has specialized in consulting and digital transformation tasks, as well as in the direction and coordination of new IT projects for companies in the packaging industry and in other sectors.


We are very happy that Roberto is supporting our team and our software with sales activities in Latin America and Spain.


Contact Roberto directly:


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Katrin Weigand

Katrin is the "good spirit of the company". Working part-time, she takes care of various company issues such as accounting, the languages in dr.corr, the website, and job postings in order to leave Daniel and Rainer more time for the essentials.

Contact Katrin directly:


+49 911 9755 9988

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Lukas Bilstein

Lukas is the youngster in our team. He started studying computer science in 2022. Since he is a very clever and motivated guy who has computer science in his veins, he is now supporting our team in the maintenance and further development of dr.corr.

Contact Lukas directly:

+49 911 9755 9988

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