Conversion Machine Scheduling

For every machine, dr.corr automatically creates a schedule that assures on-time delivery for every order, making sure the production sequence is optimal for the machine. New orders are integrated into that schedule automatically, the planning horizon automatically adapts to the machine load.


The planner's job is to verify that schedule, then to launch it into production, or he revises and adapts the system created schedule to his own requirements and ideas.


Conversion Machine Scheduling

Corrugator Scheduling

The new schedule for the corrugator is always ready, the system creates it automatically and adapts it to changes in the conversion machine schedules, or when new orders arrive.


With one click, the planner sees how many hours the new schedule will take, which roll sizes are needed, and of course also where there are problems that require his intervention.


One more click, and the system shows an alternative schedule that eliminates a little used roll size - without looking at details he shapes the new schedule's structure and sequence of flute types and roll sizes.


After that high level pre-planning he takes care of problem orders or short runs, the system helps him implement his own creative ideas and solutions.

Corrugator Scheduling

On-Line Link to Production

dr.corr connects on-line to any modern corrugator, automatically transmits the new schedule to its control computer, and automatically registers production progress, produced quantities, downtimes and more.


Next to each machine a dr.corr terminal shows the orders to produce and captures good and waste quantities as well as downtimes and quality checks. 


When major downtime occurs, the entire plant's schedules adjust automatically, bottlenecks or delays are recognized - and avoided - early on.

On-line Link to Production

Pallet Labels

dr.corr prints pallet labels that have a modern design, containing all required items of information, complete with artwork, logos and bar codes (also in 2D).


Each plant has standard labels for shipping to the customer as well as for internal transport, plus customer specific labels that add a particular bar code or special field, or that have a completely custom design.


Label printing occurs in real time directly at the machine (or at the stacker), each pallet has its own unique ID (SSCC), each individual label shows the exact quantity on the corresponding pallet.

Pallet Labels

Dashboard, Monitoring

Each machine reports live and in real time at which speed it is running, or since what time it has been in downtime, and for what reason. All that information appears in the Plant Overview, your "windows onto the plant" with its reassuring clarity allows users to react quickly when an emergency arises.


Sales agents depend on reliable machine load figures, permanently up-to-date, presented so they can be checked by a glance, enabling them to promise realistic due dates.


dr.corr's Dashboard presents the above live data, along with an abundance of other live information, allowing users to drill into dedicated and more detailed screens for further research. 

Dashboard / Monitoring of dr.corr


During production, dr.corr collects a huge amount of very detailed data, and a variety of reports sorts, summarizes and presents the resulting figures so that it becomes easy to recognize great performance just as well as weak points that offer opportunity for improvement.


"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." - dr.corr is key to collecting and analyzing performance data.

Integration with Customer's ERP

dr.corr uses modern interfaces to receive - in real time - incoming production orders from the ERP, as well as other data like the roll stock, or incoming deliveries of sheets.


Machine load, order progress, production details and lots more are available to the ERP in dr.corr's database, or via information exchange using readily available interfaces.