Customers' Voices

dr.corr has only been on the market since 2017 but it is already in use in more than 60 plants in Europe and in Latin America:

Paul Jundu - Owner & Director of Onboard Corrugated Ltd.

"Onboard have installed the very FIRST EVER  "dr.corr" corrugator scheduling software with Direct link to both corrugators giving us best ever trim figures and zero part order combinations. All the information for efficient running of the plant is now available live on one screen. Thank you Daniel Weigand ( I will be only too pleased if any of the colleagues from the industry want to look at it in operation. Welcome @Onboard. No exceptions- every one welcome. [...] 30 minutes a day- full production planning sorted and almost any one with a functional brain can do it with ease."


Additional comment from Paul:

"4200 views, few phone calls and 123 emails - dr.corr software will have lots of companies asking them about the software. We all run our businesses our unique way and that's why dr.corr can be a great planning tool."

Juan Meléndez - Managing Director of Solpack, Mexico

"I am very happy to have decided to implement dr.corr, it was the best decision for the company to be able to have a better control of the production in real time and in an easy way. Also grateful for the attention provided by the dr.corr team for the implementation and the support."

Francesco Galdi - IT Manager of SADA Group, Italy

"The success of a company is closely linked to the versatility, genius and the synergies of those who pursue a common path of growth, in which the customer and the supplier become a set of many connections that reflect the passion, courage, foresight and challenges. In short, the future is respect for roles and the desire to get involved.

Compliments to you, Daniel Weigand, and your great team!!!"