December 2022

We remain successful in 2022

Another year of unexpected global challenges has finally passed. Fortunately, the corrugated industry seems to defy these challenges pretty well. This allowed dr.corr to steadily continue its growth path.


We thank our great team and our motivated partners for 23 new installations in 6 different countries. This allows us to proudly announce that dr.corr is now serving 100 plants in 18 different countries worldwide. 


We thank our customers and their employees for their trust and support. Major new steps in the dr.corr software include:

  • Error tracking in production data
  • Change log for orders
  • Order entry per day
  • Event calendar
  • Machine Load Forecast
  • Performance per order in Scheduling
  • Benchmarking of conversion machines
  • Consideration of the average historic waste per article when scheduling your corrugator
  • Automatic Splicing for the Reel Stand Terminals
  • Consideration of waiting time for specific articles
  • Individual SQL Reports

With more than 10 plants that already signed contracts for new installations, we are looking forward to 2023.

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