July 2019

New in dr.corr: dr.corr Business Intelligence (BI)

dr.corr Business Intelligence (BI)

Instead of static reports dr.corr offers much more:

dr.corr Business Intelligence provides numerous interesting analyses, which not only display totals for a selected period of time, but also allow to drill down with a mouse click, from the year to the individual months, days, shifts, or from the corrugator total to details such as flute type or rollsize.


 The best part is that this evaluation not only runs on dr.corr workstations, but also on laptops, tablets or smartphones, anywhere!

dr.corr uses Microsoft Power BI and the underlying technology delivers current data via the Internet, without any administration or hacking danger on the dr.corr server.


Interested users can not only access existing reports, they can customize them or create completely new reports themselves (we are happy to help). 


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