February 2021

Start-up of dr.corr at Sabox

dr.corr Warehouse

We are proud that with the start-up at Sabox s.r.l., the roll-out of dr.corr in Gruppo Sada is now complete: All corrugated and folding carton plants of the mother company Antonio Sada e Figli s.p.a. are now scheduling their production with dr.corr!


It was again our experienced product engineer Giulio Fantini who introduced dr.corr at SABOX, together with Francesco Galdi and Maria Eugenia Sada.


Gruppo SADA is part of Blue Box Partners, and we hope that the success of dr.corr at SADA will open the door to further plants of the group.


👍 A corrugator scheduled by dr.corr is a happy corrugator!


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