May 2022

New in dr.corr: Machine Load Forecast

If you regularly find yourself confronted with such questions, dr.corr is offering a tool that provides you with a detailed forecast of the future machine load in your factory. 

The image above visualises the machine load for machine X in 2022 in work hours per month. The grey bars show the actual production until April 2022 and the orange bars reflect the forecast for the rest of the year. The colored lines indicate the work hours available with a one, two are three shift schedule.


For machine X you can see that a two shift schedule has been sufficient for the months Jan. – April and will also be fine in May. However, due to new prospect customers indicated by the blue area above the orange bar and seasonal fluctuations, the shift schedule will need to be adapted from June until November 2022.


The forecast is always updated on the second of a month for all upcoming months of the current and the next year. It combines automatic forecasting based on trend and seasonality with manual adjustments.

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