July 2018

Ghelfi Ondulati - Online connection to a digital HP printing machine (PageWide T1100S) with dr.corr

Ghelfi Ondulati SPA in the north of Italy could be considered a typical corrugated box plant, with a modern BHS corrugator and some modern conversion machines, but then they're not:


For one, their products sell not just regionally, but to customers even thousands of kilometers away. And then, they run the second HP PageWide T1100S in the world, digitally pre-printing corrugated liner in high quality at speeds of up to 30.000m2 per hour.


The challenge for dr.corr was to create matching schedules to be produced on the HP and then on the corrugator, and of course to connect to the HP to send the pre-print schedules to the machine and monitor its production
progress and results.


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