October 2022

Feedback from a client a good year after the launch of dr.corr

In July 2021, dr.corr was installed at Cartodelta in Tarragona, Spain, by our project engineer Giulio Fantini.

A good year later, Josep Maria Profitós, the general director of Cartodelta, S.L. in Spain is now summarizing the success of working with dr.corr as follows:

“The team behind dr.corr allows the customer to have an innovative system with a graphic design that makes the planner’s work easy and intuitive for the operators at the machines.


The added value of dr.corr compared to its competitors is certainly the high professionalism of its staff which allows for rapid, safe and effective implementation. I would like to underline the great dedication of Giulio Fantini in allowing us to achieve all these goals in a simple, fast and above all efficient way.”

Josep Maria Profitós sees particular benefits of using dr.corr in the following areas:

“1) Optimization of processes through methodical, scientific and easy planning

2) Industry 4.0 monitoring and integration with real-time information for all users

3) Machine load (graphically available for all the users) helps to set delivery dates, which gives better service for the final customer and better organization for the factory avoiding the typical overload on machines

4) Facilitates the use of operators by having instructions on the screen, avoiding errors, being able to check their performance over the fact to have a paper-less factory (no need to print anything from Planning)

5) Complete reports for data analysis and immediate decision making”


Thank you Giulio for doing an excellent job at Cartodelta and thank you Josep for your great feedback.

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