May 2021

New in dr.corr: Energy Counters to measure the Energy Consumption

Dr.corr is now able to measure and report the energy consumption of the machines in your plant.


The necessary energy counters are a special hardware product from one of our suppliers. Your factory electrician can install them at your plant. Dr.corr is collecting and analyzing the data for you. This feature enables you to monitor the energy consumption …

  • per order / article
  • per 1000 sheets / boxes produced
  • per machine

On the dashboard, the total energy consumption per day is shown in kWh.


In planning, the production summary per order shows the total energy consumption, the percentages for run and set-up as well as the energy consumption per 1000 sheets. If you compare different orders, you can easily see that a reduction in set-up time not only increases the available production time but also reduces the energy consumption per 1000 sheets produced.


What is more, dr.corr keeps an energy consumption history per article which can be used to identify high and low energy cost articles.


In addition, dr.corr offers performance diagrams that show a green power usage graph (kW) for the total shift in relation to the actual production. It is interesting to see that the power usage only increases marginally when the machine speed is doubled. I.e. running the machine at a higher speed whenever possible as well as minimizing the runtime without any production reduces the energy consumption per 1000 sheets produced.


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